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Thread: Communism?

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    What exactly is so bad about communism all it means is billionaires dont get a third yacht and the proletariat have a better standard of living

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    It(communism) was created by Jews to subjugate us Western Gentiles, the Jews in the USSR started the Bolshevik Revolution and then ended ordering the death of tens of Millions of us. :-|

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    The premise of marxism comes down to labour being ‘collectivised’ so that the fruits thereof are ‘redistributed’ equally. This idea has a predictable appeal to certain uneducated, unskilled, downtrodden masses, to be sure. But there are a host of problems that, equally predictably, the dupes drawn to bolshevism, are always astonished to discover:

    1. One of the party maxims is, ‘Work according to ability, benefit according to need.’ That introduces inequality, and let us remember that inequality is what the proletarian revolution fought to end. Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm, portrayed this flaw by having the draft horse and ass working much harder than all the other animals.

    2. Political regimes based on utopian dreams of how society should function, as opposed to how it does function, are doomed.

    3a. Because Nature’s diktat is for animals (and men) to compete to better their condition, a regime seeking to subvert the Natural Order and supplant it with an artificial construct rapidly finds that it must impose the most ruthless application of police state terror. Bolshevik societies always acquire the false smile, the furtive look over the shoulder, and the suspicion that every stranger could be an agent or informer. It is no mere coincidence that every bolshevik nation exhibits this repression.

    3b. Another feature of the police state is the prominence of propaganda. Leaders are never permitted to remain men, but must be venerated as demi-gods. The natural impulse of patriotism is harnessed, and hatred of the enemy, to unify the masses and divert their attention from their misery. It is no mere coincidence that every bolshevik nation exhibits this cult of personality and mass propaganda.

    3c. Another feature of the police state is the proliferation of ‘dissidents’ and ‘enemies of the state,’ who are relegated to slave labour enterprises. It is no mere coincidence that every bolshevik nation exhibits this ‘gulag’ phenomenon, and builds walls to keep people in.

    4a. The initial impetus of proletarian unrest comes down to resentment at wealth denied them, so they seek its ‘redistribution’ to better their condition. But that theory is never realised in practice, for in their foolish haste to abolish the bourgeois and upper classes, the proletariat never realise—until it is too late—that the only alternative, and what they end up with, is only a mass proletariat. True, misery loves company, and resentment is thereby appeased, but at the price of the certainty that a worker can never better his condition. If there is a better way to kill workplace incentive I have yet to learn of it. The absence of competition and incentive reduces national productivity—except for debt, which accumulates. It is no mere coincidence that every bolshevik nation exhibits a shocking degree of poverty and shortage of consumer products that are plentiful in capitalist lands.

    4b. The certainty that a worker can never better his condition inflicts a soul deadening malaise on society. It is no mere coincidence that every bolshevik nation exhibits this grey, drab, hopeless attitude.

    4c. Perhaps the most bitter realisation comes when the proletariat realise that their revolution has eliminated the bourgeois class, but curiously not the upper class. That is to say, the particular members of the upper class have been killed, but the class itself remains, being filled out by a new set. Again, Animal Farm portrays this aptly when the pigs take over the hated man’s home, and end by sleeping in his bed.

    5. Men of distinction, such as scientists, military officers, political bigpigs, &tc, face the constant threat of being denounced, or simply liquidated in one of a string of wide ranging ‘purges.’

    6. I marvel at the arrogance of liberal dilettantes—who know nothing of history, sociology or political science—casually espousing bolshevism from a comfy, comfy chair in a Western civilisation created courtesy of capitalism. The judgement of those who have lived under bolshevist regimes—in a position to know—is never consulted. The number of Che Guevara T-shirts worn on any university campus outnumbers the IQ points of the wearers.

    7. Bolshevism has been the most prolific genocide machine ever invented.

    * The millions of Russian victims of Lenin's and Stalin's purges (Trotsky and all former comrades who fell into disfavour, and the famous officer purge of the 1930s), and the millions who toiled and died in gulags.

    * The c3 million Ukrainians who were subjected to the genocide of a man-made famine, called the Holodomor, in 1932.

    * The 22,000 Polish nationalists executed by the NKVD, only a fraction of whom were discovered at Katyn by the Germans in 1943.

    * The millions of victims of Mao's cultural revolution.

    * The tens of thousands of victims of communist revolution in the transformation and repression in all newly communist nations in what later became the Eastern European Warsaw Pact, China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea and Afghanistan.

    * North Korea deserves special mention for the systematic starvation of its entire citizenry, so significant that they form a dwarf species compared to their southern brothers, and the regime’s maintenance of vast re-education/work/death camps to which people are sent without ever knowing why. History has yet to learn the number of deaths. The orbital view of the night lights of South Korea adjacent to the darkness of North Korea is a poignant testament that even a child understands.

    * The Viet Cong deserve special mention for their systematic practice and perfection of torture, massacre and atrocity for the wholly antiseptic purpose of psy ops suppression of civilians.

    * The over 1 million victims of the Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge armies and regimes. Again, Pol Pot’s regime deserves special mention for its systematic arrest, imprisonment, torture and murder of hundreds of thousands of Cambodians who exhibited education or sophistication beyond peasant lore. A pure oaf-ocracy.

    * The thousands of victims of communist guerrilla attacks, murders (most against fellow blacks) and ongoing government sanctioned criminal seizures of property (of Whites) in former Rhodesia—all of which was fully supported by the ZOGs of the West.

    * The millions of Tibetans whose religion and culture has been declared illegal, and whose peaceful realm has, since the 1950s, been subjected to humiliation and mass infiltration.

    * Tens of thousands were arrested in the 1989 unrest in China. History has yet to learn the number of deaths.

    I contend that the inference to be drawn from these atrocities can only be that communism embodies a doctrine which, in its essence, reduces the fundamental value of a man down to a mere constituent iota of a mass. Their philosophy holds that the individual has no intrinsic value of his own apart from his miniscule contribution to the state—conditional, of course, on his conformity to party ideals and regime regulations.

    In short, communist regimes necessarily regard their folk as bugs. Their only importance lies in their mass. This contention is manifestly borne out in the spectacles we have seen, in which thousands of participants manoeuvre in precisely choreographed motions to produced a mesmerising effect, or display constituent placards making up a vast image.

    8. Bolshevism is a component of the Jewish Conspiracy. I understand that un-educated people have a knee-jerk reaction against any association of jews with communism. But consider, has that very reaction been programmed into you?

    Bolshevism was invented by a pair of jews (Engels, Marx). According to the jewish writer Chaim Bermant, although jews formed less than 5% of Russia’s population, they formed more than 50% of its revolutionaries. He writes,

    “It must be added that most of the leading revolutionaries who convulsed Europe in the final decades of the last century and the first decades of this one, stemmed from prosperous jewish families. They were perhaps typified by the father of revolution, Karl Marx. Thus when, after the chaos of World War I, revolutions broke out all over Europe, jews were everywhere at the helm; Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev and Zinoviev in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Kurt Eisner in Bavaria, and, most improbable of all, Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin. To many outside observers, the Russian revolution looked like a Jewish Conspiracy, especially when it was followed by jewish-led revolutionary outbreaks in much of central Europe. The leadership of the Bolshevik Party had a preponderance of jews. Of the 7 members of the Politburo, ... 4 were jews.” - The Jews, Chaim Bermant

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    When I also explain how the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, together with the rise of liberalism it spawned, has been harnessed by the Oberjuden, the un-educated will again experience their knee-jerk rejection impulse. Briefly, the Frankfurt School (founded by Georg Lukacs, Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich, jews all) hastily made its escape from Germany in 1933, to Jew York City. Their agenda, now labelled Cultural Marxism, was to upend the socio-political order of the West to lay the groundwork for introducing bolshevism. This required, they reasoned, undermining its traditional foundations, and the most convenient cover for this was to hijack the left, which already threatened many of those foundations. Anyone who doubts this must explain away the fact that the West’s liberal parties have steadily adopted a more and more radical leftist, socialist doctrine.

    That is my answer.

    In the West, bolshevism is treated as a legitimate political philosophy, tolerated as a fringe party, and even glorified by left-wing extremists and ‘cool’ chasers. In marked contrast, Fascism is vilified as an equivalent to satanism, and is not tolerated (in ‘free’ societies?) as a political philosophy, let alone as a political party. Modern Germany and Austria even have a string of laws against National Socialist symbology, speech, &tc! I have always heard that no regime can suppress an idea. True enough, but to paraphrase the jews, ‘It couldn’t hoit to try,’ by which I mean, the ZOGs of the West are certainly doing their best to suppress Fascism.

    Why this contrasting treatment? Shakes the Clown nailed it. Because bolshevism is a jewish creation—their baby. Observe how its fundamental viewpoint is class, whilst Fascism’s is race. To the Oberjuden, dividing society into classes is perfectly splendid, because they are confident of conniving their way to the top (a jewish speciality). Whereas, in a society that becomes racially aware, the days of all parasites are numbered.

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